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Academics Academy Inc. "Making a difference in the decisions people make."

Whom We Serve
Academics Academy Inc.

About Us

Academics Academy is a community-based organization that provides individuals with disabilities and underserved communities with Social-Emotional Intelligence, Computer Literacy, and Workforce Development skills.  Academics Academy Inc.'s mission is to bridge the gap between adults with intellectual disabilities, members of underserved communities, and high-skilled digital jobs. Academics Academy offers seven year-round community-based programs: Social Emotional Learning Skills, Social Skills for the Workplace; Google Workspace Training; Digital Literacy Global Standard 5; Basic Keyboarding; Financial Literacy; and Certified Microsoft Office Specialist.

Whom We Serve 

Academics Academy Inc. targets adults with disabilities, the underprivileged, under-educated, and under-employed adults in our communities who desire to gain employment skills and training. Our program benefits high school graduates who plan to enter the workforce immediately. Joining the workforce with Social-Emotional Intelligence and a certifiable aptitude will enhance their ability to gain employment, improve their confidence in today's competitive job market, and result in higher earning potential. Our work in the community has led us to see the despair of underserved communities. We are dedicated to preparing individuals with skills that will change the trajectory of their lives. We hope to positively impact how people make decisions for the rest of their lives.

Our Commitment to You


Our success depends on your success. Academics Academy Inc. is dedicated to making sure that every student gets the individual class time and hours needed to complete our programs. We understand that everyone's learning style is different. We adapt to your learning style and pace to ensure that our graduates feel confident and secure in their ability to succeed.

Our Staff

We've been there! Our staff is also certified in their field of instruction. That means that our staff is certified in the curriculum they are instructing, therefore, they are aware of all the challenges, obstacles, and victories you will encounter in the course. You will have the real-life hands-on experience necessary to help you navigate through the course material successfully. They are also human, they understand the day-to-day life challenges that sometimes influence our overall goal, but they've been there and are passionate about your success. 


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