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Social-Emotional Intelligence

This program addresses clients' self-awareness and self-management skills to be healthy and productive while successfully interacting with family, friends, and professionals. Clients first explore their values, feelings, and attitudes and then work to understand the expressions of those around them. The program aims to help clients understand and process emotions, handle anxiety, and stress, and build strong relationships with others.

Students discover the paradox of emotions and emerge confident, motivated, and prepared for the ups and downs of life and a professional career. These skills will provide benefits throughout their professional and personal lives. Improving social skills through active listening, understanding body language, and being more empathetic will give clients an advantage in their interactions. AAI will administer the Social Emotional Learning Skills curriculum through ten modules: Emotional Intelligence, Goal Setting and Getting Things Done, Confidence, Problem Solving, Anger Management Communication, Transit Mobility Training, Body Language Basics, Conflict Resolution, and Stress Management


Emotional Intelligence For the Workplace

Social Skills for the Workplace will help clients identify their strengths and their "Super Powers." Clients will learn to set goals, establish priorities, manage time, organize papers, desks, lockers, and other spaces. Clients learn to speak and listen effectively, work with teachers and peers, read and understand textbooks, take notes, study for tests, understand and apply critical thinking, write research papers, prepare for presentations, track long-term goals, and how to act as professionals. These skills will help clients succeed in their jobs and their personal lives. AAI will administer the Social Skills for the Workplace curriculum through eleven modules: Workplace Etiquette, Workplace Harassment, Customer Service, Time Management, Public Speaking, Leadership, Critical Thinking, Project Management, Writing Skills, and Developing Corporate Behavior.

Emotional intelligence
Social Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence For the Workplace
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