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Typing remains a fundamental skill, and it is still one of the most important computer skills you can learn.






Our basic keyboarding course will provide a verifiable recommended benchmark of basic keyboarding skills. Generally, employers require employees to type 40 WPM (Words Per Minute) which is considered an average typing speed with 96% accuracy. In this course, we strive for our students to meet a 45 WPM typing speed with 97% accuracy. The course is a suggested prerequisite to the Microsoft Word module for clients who type less than 45 words per minute with 96% accuracy. Upon completing our keyboarding course you will learn to type accurately and fast, which will help you with any job task in any industry, and in your life. There are many benefits to acquiring a typing certificate, employers will appreciate that your skills are verifiable, therefore they will have confidence in your abilities. 

Benefits of Keyboarding for Employers 

  • Effective time use

  • Using a computer

  • Taking a course

  • Writing 

  • Communication

In addition to a certified typing certificate, this course provides instructions that cover professionalism in the workplace: career prep, time management, communication and collaboration, and basic office technology. In addition, upon completion of this module, our students have the speed and accuracy necessary to successfully master the Microsoft Office Word module and gain the confidence needed to be effective office support staff for the prospective employer.

Academics Academy has partnered with multiple employment agencies that proctor the certified typing exam. Upon completion of the course contact your Admissions Counselor to schedule your certification exam.

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